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When people think about break-ins, they think about the front door or garage door being smashed in and all their valuable things being stolen. People rarely consider how vulnerable their mailbox is to crime. Securing your mailbox is just as essential as protecting your property from crime. In most homes and enterprises, most mail is delivered into wall mounted boxes. That means these mailboxes are placed in an open space with a lot of trespassers passing through. In such a case, having your mailbox locks changed with the help of Prairie Village KS Locksmith Store is a simple yet powerful way to protect your private mails from crime.

What types of mailbox installation exists:

Depending on your mail delivery service, residential mailboxes are typically mounted on a post at the roadside or in an accessible location on the wall. Wall-mounted boxes are attached using screws, while curbside boxes are fitted to a position using brackets or other hardware.

It is much easier to have your mailbox locks changed! Wall mounted locks are incredibly simple. This type of box is held in place using a small C-clip which applies pressure against the back of the door. When you want us to replace the mailbox lock, our technicians will simply remove the pre-existing lock and replace it with a new one. Simple, right! If you are locked out of your mailbox, no worries, we are here! Just a phone call is enough for our lockmasters to reach your site. After reaching the spot, they will quickly drill or pick the mailbox locks to provide you access and begin to replace it. Later, you will be provided with a new set of keys transforming your old keys into a useless piece of metal. 

How long do our locksmiths take to install?

Though a mailbox locks installation is uncomplicated, it needs to be handled by a professional technician instead of doing it yourself. Call Prairie Village KS Locksmith Store! Our trained professionals can easily complete the installation process within 10 to 20 minutes.

No hidden charges:

Our installation charges are typically straightforward without hidden costs, but some service providers charge additional fees. In addition, our pricing is very affordable for all lock & locksmith services. 

Before you leave your mail unprotected and available for anyone who wants it, call 913-338-4842 to get the best mailbox locks service in the areas of Prairie Village, KS.